Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ooh La La!

My Candy Hearts Romance novella is my sixth story using characters from my At The End Zone series. A big event ties the books together in all these books, the Addington, Massachusetts Ballet Guild Gala.
            Everyone loves a big party, right? A chance to get all dolled up, eat fancy appetizers, drink champagne, dance with handsome men in tuxedos. There’s no bad in that!
            As my End Zone series has come along, with each story the Gala got a little more elaborate. By the time we got to the third Gala, in Charming Dave, it was called the Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Ball. Artists donated artsy mirrors for auction and everyone had to dress up as a fairy tale character. The fourth Gala in A Taste of Hope had fancy tables to auction and a cooking competition for the best restaurant in Addington, called Addington’s Tables.
            We check back in with the Addington Ballet Gala in Ooh La La! Simon, my hero is a highly trained dancer and choreographer thirsty for his chance to choreograph full time for a real ballet company. He dreams big! After all, he’s from Texas. At the moment, he an adjunct professor at Addington’s Barrett University, teaching non-major dance classes, which doesn’t pay the bills, not even close. To make ends meet, he dances at Hardbody, an exclusive male exotic revue in Addington.
            Veronica Cooke is an accountant and the daughter of one of Addington’s upper-crust families. She teaches accounting at Barrett and has two left feet. Make that three left feet. Look up klutz in the dictionary and her picture is right next to the entry. She runs down Simon in the halls of Barrett and just stole his heart!
            Her family is big in the arts and is a huge supporter of the Addington Ballet. She’s happy to snag Simon as her date for the Gala, but there are some obstacles on the way to the ball!
            Ooh La La is part of The Wild Rose Press’ Candy Hearts series, out on February 8, 2016! It’s also part of my At The End Zone series. If you’ve read the earlier books, you might recognize some old friends.

At The End Zone books in order:
            Mike’s Best Bet
            What Ian Wants
            Charming Dave
            A Taste of Hope
            Ooh La La

Lobster Cove books with End Zone characters, in order:
            Working My Way Back to You

            Worth A Thousand Words (coming soon from TWRP)

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