Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance

I'm Sure by Beverly Breton

During the day, Megan surrounds herself with water lilies and goldfish in the ponds she creates. At night, memories of her lying ex-boyfriend are a reminder she can never again trust a man.
Jason embraces his career as paramedic firefighter, even though ugly experience declares his profession a greedy mistress. During quiet nights at the station, he wonders if this bachelor existence is all he’ll ever know.

Then Jason meets Megan and sparks fly, chased by flashes of anger when Jason, battling a raging apartment fire, stands up Megan on their first date. Is St. Valentine powerful enough to bring these two strong-willed people together?

Who doesn't love a hunky EMT/Firefighter? Tall, strong, and handsome, Jason is all that, plus he's sensitive and kind. Megan is the kind of woman you want to have as your best friend. Their love story is simple and classic and straight from the heart!

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