Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance

Hot Stuff by C. J. Fosdick

    How does a klutzy slogan writer from a quiet Wisconsin Village who’s pushing thirty expect to meet the man of her dreams?  Living with a long-tailed cat, a grandmother who bakes giant Snickerdoodles, and an autistic brother who “collects” neighborhood lawn ornaments, Katie has her hands full…until she opens the door to a “hot” rookie cop investigating a not-so-petty theft. Is it a major crime or an arrest of the heart?

This is one adorable story! Katie and Dallas are a great team. Dallas is one hot hunk of cowboy and Katie is a cute as cute can be. The play on the words Hot Stuff is brilliant! I smiled the entire time I read this book! I'll probably go back and read it again. Do yourself a favor and check Hot Stuff out!

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