Monday, January 18, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance

Tweet Me by Desiree Holt

Don’t call. Don’t text. Tweet me…

Married to her work, event planner Avery Kurtz runs her life and her business on a private message feed. She has no time to waste on emails or a love life, and Valentine’s Day means just more parties to plan. But when Tanner Voss, best man in Avery’s best friend’s wedding, is assigned to help finalize plans, her world is turned heart-side up. The hotshot attorney might be a player. He’d hit on her before and she avoided that mistake but he’s also surprisingly cooperative, focused on making the perfect choices for their friends, and even on board with her messaging preference. Between the erotic dreams about the sexy litigator and her body urging her to forget caution, Avery is wondering if she was wrong about Tanner and wants him to do more than “tweet me.”

Both Avery and Tanner are engaging characters and very rootable. I really like Tanner. I've got a soft spot in my heart for men who have unrequited love for the heroine! The whole aspect of Avery only communicating via tweets may seem a little silly for older readers, but really it is up to date. Twenty somethings really do "date" that way!

This is a very satisfying love story between and man and a woman who have real chemistry. Their love scenes sizzle on the page! This does have adult content so readers should be 18 or over.

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