Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance

Red Hot by Kayden Claremont

Treena Stanton, artistic coordinator of Sierra’s Cowboy Theme Park, wants to exact revenge on Clayton Wagner. She had a crush on him in school, but he never acknowledged her existence. Revenge is sweet but not as sweet as the pleasure of his touch.

Strategic accounts manager, Clayton Wagner lost a bet and has to work the next twenty-four hours at his buddy’s theme park. But when his "boss for the day" with mouth-watering curves demands he wear a cowboy costume, all he can think about is finding out what's under her petticoat. But when the truth is revealed about their past, will the sparks of passion fizzle or burst into Red Hot flames?

Get yourself a pair of asbestos oven mitts because this story is hot, hot, hot! Clay and Treena don't mess around and get right to the very sexy point. The dialogue is fun and fresh and the two main characters appealing!

This is a Wilder Rose erotica title, so good for 18 years on up!

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