Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance!

Kiss Me Again by Monique DeVere

What can be more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding?
 A Valentine’s Day wedding on a Caribbean beach!

The last thing Riley Flynn wants is to be present at her ex-fiancé’s wedding—which should have been hers—but she refuses to give him the satisfaction, despite the nosedive her life has recently taken. Now, if she can only find a plus one to prove she isn’t a complete failure.

All Sam Rutherford wants is a peaceful life, but his zany neighbor is making it impossible. The woman is a menace to herself, and anyone in her path—he has the dent in his car to prove it. But when she raises those big amber eyes and confides in him, how can he say no to anything she wants? Soon she’s invading his life and bungling her way... into his heart.

Who wouldn't love a fun romance on the beach in the middle of the winter? This story is adorable. Riley is a walking disaster and Sam is a sweetheart, falling in love with her even as she's messing up his life right and left! I definitely recommend this romance!

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