Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance

All Mine by Tamrie Foxtail

For nearly a decade, Maggie has put the needs of her younger siblings ahead of her own. Now she’s willing to accept a marriage without passion in order to protect her brother, but fate has a wicked sense of humor. On the eve of her wedding, Maggie meets the man of her dreams.
When Shamus loses a bet, the penalty is a blind date. Shamus is prepared to endure a long, boring night; the last thing he expects is to find the woman who can bring his heart back to life.

But Maggie is keeping secrets--and her engagement is only one of them.

Shamus and Maggie have one thing in common. Both of them are devoted to their families, and endearingly so. This story is charming and witty. It's a great addition to the Candy Hearts series!

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