Friday, July 30, 2010

My big honkin' RWA report

As always, RWA National is an exercise in balancing being a professional writer and being a fangurl. I have done very well, except when I went through Suzanne Brockmann's line at the Literacy signing and went all fangurl on her.

I've only taken workshops on branding, selling to and working with editors and agents and leadership at the National level. Frankly, being active at the National level is less work than working for STAR.

But, I've got lots of information for Carol Henry about changes in the way we run things. This year is the continuation of the work we began last year.

I've been looking out for my STAR and critique group buds. I've got a list of agents for Lisa.

I saw in person some people I've known online, which has been the biggest thrill. I'm looking at you, Nancy O!

I did get to swim, but the water was too warm to work out in and there were too many kids, even in lap pool. Also, not enough chlorine. There were kids in diapers in that pool. Ummm, yuck.

Met some Wild Rose Press authors at breakfast today and then with some the E-Span authors at a lovely tea. E-Span is a special interest chapter for writers who are published digitally or with small presses. I had a plan about what to do about Wild Rose now wanting shorter stories and going to Print on Demand. Dave is a big book. Even though Rhonda said she'd contract it, she may no because it's long. So, I'm worried, and making plans A, B and C. I've six books in this At The End Zone series.

All in all, I'm having a great time and learning a lot and making some good contacts. The executive director of RWA knows me without looking at my name tag. That's an accomplishment!

The RWA staff has done an awesome job, especially since they had to move the conference at the last minute.

Smoochies to all!

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