Friday, February 13, 2015

Why Star Search matters

Every year my buddies and I run the best musical camp ever, Star Search. All the campers have to sing, dance, and act. They have to make their props and they have to make their own costumes, with no help from parents and spending no more than $5.00.

For 21 years now we have guided hundreds of tweens and teens to discover their creativity and confidence. Some of the campers have gone on to careers in musical theater, on-stage and back-stage. We know that after participating in Star Search they'll never be afraid to give another book report! And beyond that, they'll have confidence going on school and job interviews.

Star Search teaches life skills.

We're doing a one week session next week and two sessions in August. The August scripts are The Y Files and Bored with the Rings. Come check us out!

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