Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh Eyes

I went to my first Central New York Romance Writers meeting today. What a blast!

And what a difference a fresh perspective can make. Gayle Callan ran a workshop on synopsis writing, and while listening to her talk, I found out why I am having so much trouble moving forward with No Hope in Hell.

I was trying to put some suspense into the book. I suck at writing suspense. My voice absolutely won't work in a romantic suspense book.

In short, I wasn't being true to my voice. And while listening to Gayle talk, the clouds lifted, angelic voices rang out, and I got a clue.

I finally got my voice back for this book, and I'm writing the kind of book I like to write. Real people with real problems who come together and clash, and work through their issues and move organically into love, despite the very real barriers keeping them apart.

Thank you, Gayle!

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