Monday, January 10, 2011

Quote of the Day

‎"The word 'fail,' of course, ceases to apply if we know that whether we try something new or practice something old, we are merely gaining information. It's pretty hard to look for information when we dress up ahead of time in our black j...udge's robes and horn-rimmed spectacles. 'Caught you, you miserable failure,' is about all we can say in such garb. But when you pencil and pad in hand and dress for a reporter's job, we can go for 'Just the facts, ma'am . . .' 'Just clean simple facts, if you don't mind, sir.' No slanting or sitting in judgement or you're fired - on the spot. No editorials - leave that to the editor. We don't want your opinions, just straight reporting." Eloise Ristad

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