Friday, September 23, 2016

Brand New Release!

There are some characters you just want to give a second chance to. This is so true of the heroine of my latest book, Worth A Thousand Words, Angelique Durand.
            Angelique was the villain, you see, in my 2015 release A Taste of Hope. She did everything in her power to keep Hope and Lucien, the main couple, apart, for her own selfish reasons. She used the feelings a wonderful man had for her in order to get what she wanted.
            So she’s got a lot of bad karma stored up!
            While living her dream as a famous supermodel walking the runways in Paris, life kicks her in the head. She’s arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. A scuffle with the paparazzi ends with Angelique’s face disfigured in a tragic accident. She wants nothing more than to hide and lick her wounds in peace. To that end she goes to Lobster Cove, Maine, to heal in her brother’s house on the beach.
            Tim Baldwin also heads to Lobster Cove to heal at his family’s summer home. A Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, he was captured by ISIS and rescued by Navy SEALs just before his execution. He has PTSD and has also lost his magic, the ability to take pictures.
            Except for one thing. There’s a beautiful mystery woman living next door. He can only take pictures of her. Only one problem – she never wants to go in front of a camera ever again.

            Drawn to each other, Tim and Angelique have a twisted path to health and true love, but the journey is so worth it! Check out Worth A Thousand Words and see for yourself!

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