Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Series

Several authors I love, who write long term series, have had releases recently. The books are released in hard cover and I'm first in line to buy the books and drop everything to read them. Sometimes they disappoint, sometimes they're awesome. Sometimes they are mind numblingly predictable, but sometimes the author blows you out of the water and breathes new life into the series. So here are some reviews of series I follow.

Suzanne Brockmann's Breaking the Rules: I never really liked Izzy Zanella and couldn't understand the appeal of Eden Gillman so I didn't expect to like the book, but I liked the romance, both Eden and Izzy's and Danny and Jennilyn's. She lost me with taking on one too many social issues. I'm in line with her politics, so her progressive views match mine and I don't get upset. But in this one she dealt with juvenile diabetes, bullying, gay bashing and hyper-judgmental parents, and sex slave trafficking. The Gillman family is well and truly fucked up and I thought the resolution of all their issues came way too easy.

JR Ward's Lover Unleashed: This was not a romance about the supposed main couple, Payne and Manny. It was a second book about Vishous and his hang ups and the two people who've enabled his disfunctions, his mate Jane and his best friend Butch. Given that I really don't like Vishous, I was the book was so much about him. And, after the last book bringing more of Tohr's past with an eye to his future, I was looking for more Tohr. There was none, so I kinda flew through it and really didn't like it that much. I am excited about the next book, because Tohr is the hero (and my favorite of the brotherhood). She's been so close-lipped about his heroine, I'm on the edge of my seat for the book.

Charlaine Harris' Dead Reckoning: Trouble for Sookie's love life? Been there, done that. This time the end leaves more questions than it answers and I'm definitely tuning in for the next book.

SEP's Call Me Irresistible: A gem with a strong heroine and lots of favorite characters from past Wynette, Texas books. I'd love it if the Denton family could visit Wynette. I'd love me some more Bobby Tom and Gracie.

I have yet to read Rachel Gibson's newest in her Chinook hockey series and the latest JD Robb. And even though the last few Stephanie Plum books have been eh?, I'm still all set to get the next one the day it comes out. I just can't quit her.

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